Pdoto (Poet The Sonnet) – Blu Murda Mixtape

Him, Being One Of my Favourate Rapper in S.A, I just had to Upload His mixpate on my Blog!!!


01. Game Over
02. Made Men feat Maggz, Clu and BlakLez
03. Paranoid
04. Take My Time feat J-Lawless
05. Pocket Of Gold feat J-Lawless
06. Run feat BlakLez and Brasco
07. Take My Time 2 feat Midas Touch
08. Ready For Whatever feat BlakLez
09. Get Comfortable
10. Stars feat J-Lawless
11. Kunta feat Ras and Smash
12. So Simple feat Reverb
13. Thanx To All The Haters feat Flex Boogie
14. I Tried
15. Run- All Star Remix
16. Cold Collision feat J-Lawless
17. Grand Stand feat leBoywonda
18. I Get By
19. Fatal Attract

Download ;



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