JCole – Grew Up Fast

J. Cole rewarded his fans with a new track to celebrate reaching 2 million followers on twitter. Produced by Canei Finch. Its a Dope Song, Its On My PlayList! Its NOT a diss to Diggy Simmons. He Just Mentioned His Name. Download It and Tell me What Think About It.. Word? Yeah, Word!



G.O.O.D Music vs Y.M.C.M.B (The Mixtape)

While Surfing on the Net, Outta No Where, I Came Across With This. I Just Thought I Should Share It With Ya’ll I Haven’t Downloaded It Either.. This Mixtape Is Hosted By Dj Capcom. I Won’t Say Anything Just Yet About This.. You Can Download It For Free By Clicking the Link Below. Word!


Siz vs Chippa M (The Live Battle)

LMAO!! Fuck.. I Love HipHop! Damn..

Okay So, On the 21st Of June, Chippa M went to the YFM studios for the FullClip.. Surprisingly, That Night He was there to Diss Sizwe Dhlomo (ScatterBrains) and Scoop.. Guess What? Siz Just Challenged the guy ON THE SPOT to battle with Him.. Oh My GoodNess! I’m Finding it REALLY Hard to Judge Who Won this Battle. ScatterBrains Just Reminded me Back In the Days, Where He Used to Battle.. With His Crew. Please Download This Battle and Laugh Your Ass Off! Literally….

Just [CLICK HERE] to Download This Battle!

Alamanium,Rajah & NgqondoNgqondo – Nangu’6 (prod. by Lastee)

If you don’t know these Guys, I wonder Which Rock You Living Under? Please Tell me… Or You probably know em’ by the name DGAFA Squad? Its B5 Entertainment, The Dream Team. Personally love this song, Its Kasi Like That! Lastee, I Envy You Nigga For This Beat! Download This Joint, Add It On Ya Playlist ; You Won’t Regret It. Word!

Simply [CLICK HERE] to Download This Joint!

ProVerb – Off Da Books (Mixtape)

1. Intro
2. Freestyle 1
3. Ventilation Verse
4. Heavy 8 Verse
5. Leloko La Lekoko Verse
6. Beats & Pieces
7. Freestlye 2
8. Exclusive 16’s Verse
9. James Bond
10. Let’s Go/ Love Crime
11. Attention to Black Moss
12. Bread Winners ft HHP
13. Xplicit Verse
14. Freestyle ft Brenda Fassie
15. Freestyle ft Bongani Fassie
16. Kraxx Verse
17. Write of Passage
18. Kimberly Freestyle
19. Rise of the Under dog
20. Acapella Verse
21. Old Script
22. Anvils Verse
23. Letter to my Ex
24. Freestyle 3
25. Say Sum’ (1st Cut)
26. Proverb & HHP June 16
27. Cats Like You ft HHP & Bexteezy
28. I Know
29. Freestyle 4
30. BAB Verse
If You Still Don’t Have This HOT mixtape, Download It!

Simply [CLICK HERE] to Download This Mixtape.

4Front – T.R.E.C (Mixtape)

“The road to electric city. A city where sound governs speakers. And the real speakers are those who dare to speak the unspoken. A city of power and energy, born from fear and weakness. A city that changes as it sees necessary. A city of true music. Without bounds. But this is not the city yet. THIS is the road TO that city. Come ride with us . . .” – Maraza

We would like to introduce you to us. 4FRONT. Come with us on a journey to Electric City (which is our album, due for release later this year). Get on #TREC (The Road to Electric City) and experience the sound that was part of our journey into creating the official 4FRONT album. #TREC is a compilation of songs that we’ve done between 2010 and 2012. You can download all 10 tracks for free straight onto your mobile (Or PC). I’m sorry, You Have to Download Songs One By One, That’s How I got the Link. Word!

Just [CLICK HERE] to Download This Mixtape!!!

Open Invitation to the "Writers Club"

An Opportunity to you all Wordsmith out there. Proverb said this about his Song “Writers Club” —» “This is an open invitation to all emcees, vocalists, slam poets.. (anybody who has something to say)
As a lead up to the launch of my music video for “Writer’s Club” I am inviting all writers and creative expressionists to join the movement.

I have posted the original instrumental to my single “Writer’s Club” and I am challenging you, to jump on it and record a verse or a recital or chorus or even switch up the entire track if you so wish.

There are no rules and no creative limits, just jump on and showcase your skill.

Myself and my team will listen to all submission and pick the best to then post up on the site and promote on the social platforms. Depending on how nice the entries are, we may even compile the best contributions and put together an official remix of “Writer’s Club” which may even land up on the album” – Proverb
So, DOWNLOAD the Beat Below, And Send Your Remix to The Email Below. GoodLuck!

All submissions to be sent to: listen@proverbmusic.com
Any questions or queries can also be sent to the same address

Just [CLICK HERE] to Download the Beat.

Lacostaration – Indaba kaBandile (Life is so Unfair)

This is What I Call, GOOD HIPHOP!! I mean, Vele Ya’ll Know that Lacostaration doesn’t disappoints. But On this Song, He Did Something that Made me Say “FUCK!! I wish I was the One That Came Up with this Story/Concept”. I Like Story Telling Songs. If You Find It Hard to Hear Everything, I Got the Link of the Lyrics Below. This Joint is taken From “The Anti-Whack Tape” which is still sold. If You Want It, Search “Lacostaration Cebo Minange” On Facebook, Enjoy the Song!

Just [CLICK HERE] to Download this Song

And [CLICK HERE] to Read The Lyrics, MOJA!!

AkaLicious – Anti-Purple Track

Wow! .. So, When I first Listened to this song I noticed two Things ..

1. The Dude is showing growth in music now. Clean Lyrics, No Cursing (Like He Used To) Really? I’m Amazed.
2. I never thought Akalicious Can Spit Punchlines Back to back, Line After Line!! Wow! The Dude Really Suprized me with this One.
He Proved me Wrong!
Raw Lyricism. Download It, You’ll be not disappointed. I think throughout the song, You’ll notice that He’s taking shots at Abdus. Its pretty obvious Who he’s talking to. Go Figure. But, I Don’t think Its a Good Idea for Him to Have beefs. Anyway, Can’t Wait For His Upcoming Project!

Smoke Entertainment.
Download it, Please tell me what you think Of It.

Just [CLICK HERE] to Download.

Canibus Chokes!

OH MY GODNESS! Incase You Haven’t Heard, So, Canibus Was Battling With Dizaster.. Outta No Where, Canibus Chokes And Pulls Out a Note Pad, and Continues Rapping from It! not that Only, The Rhymes He Spat was taken from “2nd Round K.O” (His Old Song). Ah Man, What an Embarrassing Moment for Him, His Fans and HipHop! Real Moemish. I Don’t Even Know Why Canibus is Still Battling. He Just Fucked Up His Career,He Just a LOT of Respect (Especially From ME) That He’s Worked Hard Putting It together. He Blew it, in that 3′ minutes Battle! The Only Way For Him To Earn Back His Respect is to Battle (Which is not gonna be Easy For Him). I’m really Disappointed : To be Honest. I got the Vid’s Links Below.

Click [HERE] to see the Vid

For Mobiles You can Search the Vid on Tubidy.