Mosire & Adele – I Won’t Go (Cover)

Another One From Durbs Ya’ll! This is a cover of the orginal song ‘He Won’t Go’ recorded and performed by Adele. Mosire added his influential lyrics to it, in an attempt to make it fascinating in another manner, either than just RnB. Look out for his upcoming mixtape titled ‘Throne of Legends’ (Which Will Be FREE and Available For Digital Downloads ; I Guess I’ll Be The First to Post It, And You’ll be the First to Have/Download It LOL). The Tape comprises song such as Money, Let the Water Sing and Heart, Minds & Holy War’. Mosire’s album ‘Dog Day Afternoon’ will be complete in the early months of 2013″ #BlackWalk #T.F.R #NefariousEntertainment
And Oh! The Song Is #1 on KASIMP3 for having more than 1000 downloads in a short Space of time.

Read The Songs Lyrics Below and Download It. Word!
You can Read the Lyrics by Clicking [HERE]

And [CLICK HERE] to Download It!


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