4Front – T.R.E.C (Mixtape)

“The road to electric city. A city where sound governs speakers. And the real speakers are those who dare to speak the unspoken. A city of power and energy, born from fear and weakness. A city that changes as it sees necessary. A city of true music. Without bounds. But this is not the city yet. THIS is the road TO that city. Come ride with us . . .” – Maraza

We would like to introduce you to us. 4FRONT. Come with us on a journey to Electric City (which is our album, due for release later this year). Get on #TREC (The Road to Electric City) and experience the sound that was part of our journey into creating the official 4FRONT album. #TREC is a compilation of songs that we’ve done between 2010 and 2012. You can download all 10 tracks for free straight onto your mobile (Or PC). I’m sorry, You Have to Download Songs One By One, That’s How I got the Link. Word!

Just [CLICK HERE] to Download This Mixtape!!!


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