The Hype Magazine Top 50 Emcees in SA

So, Hype Magazine Decided to make a TOP 50 best Local Mc’s and this How they Voted…. This list got Twitter BUZZING all NIGHT! What You say Bout’ it?.. Hit me Up @Iam_Ntukza 

1. Tumi
2. Proverb
3. Pro
4. HHP
5. Zubz
6. Khuli Chana
7. AKA
8. POC
9. Audio Visual
10. Godessa
11. Driemanskap
12. Amu
13. Tukz
14. Da Les
15. Flabba
16. Hymphatic Thabz
17. Maggz
18. Golden Shovel
19. Teargas
20. T.O.P
21. Reason
22. JR
23. Ltido
24. N’veigh
25. Zakwe
26. Slikour
27. Mr Selwyn
28. Kanyi
29. Mr Devious
30. Last Days Fam
31. Zuluboy
32. Pdoto
33. Abdus
34. Ill Skillz
35. Morale
36. Molemi
37. iFani
38. Kid X
39. Gin-I-Grimes
40. Mista Maliq
41. Smashis
42. Spoek Mathambo
43. Jack Parrow
44. Blaklez
45. MrC
46. Ras
47. Isaac Mutant
48. Adamus
49. J Bux
50. BlackMoss

14 comments on “The Hype Magazine Top 50 Emcees in SA

  1. Hype Magazine lost the PLOT a while ago. They are so many prolific MCs missing on that list. Who is MrC and Blaklez. Geee FUCKERS why do you guys keep on screwing HIP-HOP like tha. You have NUTs to call all these people and Miss names like Ben Sharpa, Garlic Brown the list goes on and on…. FUCK-OFF and compile that list again BITCH.

  2. This list is a JOKE! How was the list cultivated and what were the contributing factors? If you have someone as influential as Isaac Mutant at number 47 then you're asking to be laughed at and you can't tell me it's based on revenue or hype around the artist because Jack Parow wouldn't be sitting at 43 if that was the case. All this list is doing is making people laugh more and more at the below average quality content from Hype Magazine. Do yourselves (and us) a favor and get someone with more knowledge to construct your lists in the future.

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