Hype Magazine YFM (FullClip) Interview

The Hype Mag List caused a lotta Pandemonium Last week in the Hiphop Scene.. On Thursday (That Was my Birthday By the way… But Anyway) Sizwe Dlomo Called the Hype Editor and some few Rappers to Join him for an Interview on His Show on YFM that night. Unfortunately, Simma (Hype Editor) Wasn’t there.. But Fred Mercury Represented the Hype Mag Crew. Shout Out to Sizwe Dlomo For Handling this Interview very Much Proper, Much Respect for that My Nigg’!

I’m NOT a fan of Ltido, But Here He Really Spoke some Clever Isht. Fred Mercury was Choking on every questions asked.. Infact, Fred Didn’t make any sense, At ALL!
Slikour Spoke some Truth too, Who Else Am I forgetting?… Scoop was Tackling the dude Straight Up LOL! .. 0h, And Morale Was there.. Don’t Even Know Why He Was Complaining about the list, But anyway…

This interview is HILARIOUS! Plays for 25 Minutes ( 17.5 MB) . Download it.

To Download  [CLICK HERE]


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