DBNExclusive Presents|The Underground Mass Destruction vol.1

How’s Everybody?

Check it Out, I’ve Been thinking about this. Since I’m busy Pushing Underground cats thru this Blogging ish, Plus, The Blog is Only Few Months Old But Already sitting on 30 000 Page Views (Which is something to be Proud of) I Decided to Construct/Compile a Free mixtape which will be given to people Digitally, Only.

I don’t want to make any Money out of this thing, Ang’fune Mali, I just wanna introduce the talent to the People. So, What I need for now is, Designers who are willing to showcase their talent of Designing a Mixtape Cover (Front and Back) and Also, If You Want Your Song to be Included on the tape – E-mail me it (My Email is ntuthuko123@gmail.com ). Tracks will be Listened and the Best will be Chosen.

Please, Do Not Send me Links. Send the Song as it is, I’ll listen to it and Give you a Feedback.

I’ll judge by the number of Downloads of this tape (And also number of songs received) if I must do the Mixtape thing monthly or not.

The Tape Will be Called ” DBNExclusive Presents| The Underground Mass Destruction vol.1


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