AKA Boycotted the South African Hiphop Awards

Despite local rapper AKA leading the pack of nominations at the inaugural South African Hip Hop Awards, the rapper has called for a boycott of the event that will be happening on Wednesday, November 21st.
The “Jealousy” rapper took to his Twitter page to make us aware of the lack of communication from the awards ceremony organizers to all artists involved. He tweeted: “I have 8 nominations and 85k followers yet myself and my people found out about this voting system today. #SAHHA”
Apparently AKA and other artists didn’t know that there are voting lines open, which close tonight at 23:59. So AKA didn’t campaign to get votes, so he might not get any of the eight awards he got nominated for. He also uttered some disappointment on the fact that he wasn’t called to come perform, even if he is leading the nomination pack.

“How do the SAMA’s ask AKA to perform at their awards, but the SA Hip Hop awards don’t? I would really have liked to be involved.” tweeted the rapper.

The organizers of the South African Hip Hop Awards are the same people who put together the Back To The City event that happens every year on April 27th. Do you remember that AKA pulled out of the event two days before this year’s event? I personally think that this is why he wasn’t called to perform at these awards.

Courtesy of Wonted.


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