Nu Age Muzik Presents : A Series of Love Songs

Just a few months ago Nu Age Muzik announced their plans of releasing, the long awaited Morgan 2.0’s EP  tentatively known as “i aM 2.0” and just recently the label has informed the public that there is not only one, but there two projects on the pipeline. The second being a short compilation, which is primarily produced by the label-head himself, Morgan.

“I, initially, had the title (A Series Of Love Songs) more than year ago, and for some reason I didn’t have any satisfactory material regarding the project….eventually after browsing through the label archives I found four great songs…that were initially made for the another project” says the Back -To-Soul rapper. “So months down the line I had an appropriate title with an appropriate music…”

With an appropriate title and the appropriate music, the 7th of February could not be any more for a release date. Considering the month of February to be associated with Love. A Series Of Love Songs is spot-on, in terms of beings appropriate. As for the music, and its soul influenced sampling and hard-hitting rhythms, just have a way of bring life into the music. Life that will have you reminiscing about old-lovers and the “good-old-times”. Speaking of which, another featured artist, reported to be Young Cannibal, recalls the studio sessions as being nostalgic “back the days we hustling with artists in hood a bedroom studio finding new music that contained a variety of flavours….which in turn gave birth to the compilation…which to me sounds classic and unique, so shout out to everybody whose there, especially Morgz who made it possible”

Other artist to find on the compilation is Young Cannibal’s MasterCann counter-part, Master Dee and Mr Syko. So going back to the being appropriate and sharing these last sentiments with you: If you still have a heart, sit back, relax and fall in love with the music because this February, A Series Of Love Songs is a must have!
For More info about this post contact Morgan on BBM : 288A49AD


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