Cassidy – R.A.I.D (Meek Mill Diss)

“Fuck That Beef Shit, That shit is played out” – Biggy

Enter only if you have time to kill, ten minutes to be specific. That’s how long Cassidy goes on in his response to Meek Mill, “R.A.I.D.” What’s “R.A.I.D.”? It stands for “Robert Ass Is Dead.” Sounds fierce enough in name so for everyone hoping that battle-ready Cassidy from back in the day could make this one interesting, well…click download below and listen.

It’s hard to drop strong punches for that duration and, as expected, there’s a few stinkers let loose that foul things up (“…every radio station gone have this song bumpin’ like a n*gga that’s breaking out.”) But, he does his best to address all of Meek’s accusations tossed on the “Repo” diss and turns the table with his own set of indictments about how Philly Meek is, lands a shot or two regarding the MMG affiliation ( “And we know, I turned to Christ like Tebow, but in jail was the only time I hung around a C.O.”) and other usual rappity rap bravado.
Download Here


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