OFF THE HOOK | HipHop Session

OFF THE HOOK | During the 08th of March 2013 hip hop’pas and the general public are encouraged to honor their ancestors, reflect upon their cultural contributions, and appreciate the element & principals of the hip hop kulture #.Doors will be open by 18:00pm.
Host : Zerophyte
Performance for the night: Hip Hop: Renegade | Supah Mpondo | Cyrock | Prow-Jekt | Squad6ix | HoodFellaz |Birdie | Queasy |
Comedy: Mpukane
Poetry: Tumelo Khoza
Djs: Dj Qone | Dj Nuttz | Dj King Kong | Instrumental Session (MPC) #Long Live Hip Hop | powered by Monster Energy Drink: Unleash The Beast
Date ; 08 March 2013
Venue ; AfriPortico Jazz Lounge ( BatCentre – Durban)
Time ; 20:00h ( Doors Open at 18:00h )
For more info contact “Keynotez Bazooka” on Facebook.


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