Fulskillakilla Presents – Tribes of the South Beat tape vol.1 | Free Download

Tribes Of The South
 A new musical note to awaken our brothers and sisters to sing in one accord. It’s a compilation well engineered by one of the legendary producers/ emcee and co founder and host of Splash Jam Hip Hop sessions. It comes as a tool that unites producers/crate diggers and beat makers around the Gauteng and South African region. It is who we are and the record defines us well through the production with producers given a task to study, listen and sample South African music.

 A game changer and thought provoking challenge by Mr FulskillaKilla Tlokwano of Fsk Yard of the Spitters. Music has always been a greater part of the African child , we found peace in beating drum, the shaking of snares, the thickness of the bass. We found ourselves in the well written poetry, the heart beat. We are Music and Music is love so with the compilation we here again share our love and boast of our unity as producers under the guidance of the soul creator of the offering Mr Fulskillakilla.. I here then present to you. “Tribes of the South-Beat tape vol1”, a  Musical note presented by Fulskilakilla with various gifted producers on board. Hit the jump and feast on these instrumentals below.



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