Drake – Nothing Was The Same | Free Album Download

Nobody ever really wins when it comes to Drake – the man who rules the fall season and social media conversation with his recently leaked ‘Nothing Was the Same.’ Writers and critics who focus in on him constantly risk getting scrutinized themselves because of his iconic status. Even if one blogs about the most essential news concerning Drake, that person risks earning the ever dubious title of a “d— rider.” Cover him too little and risk the ire of fans and fellow writers who constantly seek to crown him as mainstream rap’s king.

Drake portrays himself as the rap game’s King Midas, and while everything he touches many times turn to gold, nothing is entirely perfect. Not even Drake’s own life. The irony of ‘Nothing Was the Same’ is that while it will undoubtedly further push him into iconic status, the album seeks to debunk this myth as he paints himself as a flawed human being rather than just a figure. Relationships are broken, trust is hard to come by and the thorns of the Greatest Rapper crown begins to show itself.
‘Nothing Was the Same’ is noticeably darker than its two predecessors — ‘Thank Me Later’ and ‘Take Care.’ The production — handled by the likes Key Wane and frequent collaborators 40 and Boi-1da — is moodier and more stark (and most importantly, fantastic), giving Drake a space to expand on his fears and ambitions. I’ll let you download this album and leave your comments once done.



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