Blacksemb Entertainment Presents | Josh Dope – Horns Over Wings Mixtape

Josh Dope (the Molweni native) dropped Horns Over Wings (H.O.W) last week under BlackSemb Entertainment , this 17 track mixtape Features artists like Sgabarito, Lamulaboy, Amanda and production wise he worked with  MasterDee, MBZet, BlackSemb , Select Play, 1Nder ,Urgent and Blaqchild. H.O.W is sold in the streets or  can be directly posted to you for only R40 if you’re keen to support local hiphop music. You can contact Thuli Tulz Shozi on 076 9790 197 to order your copy or directly contact Josh Dope on his facebook account for more info regarding his music.

Tracklist :

1. Kudala Sayibamba ( prod. by Blacksemb)
2. Sick Track ft SSO (prod. by MBzet)
3. Dope Wena? (prod. by Onender)
4. Rap Yabalozi ft KillerWise (prod by Select Play)
5. Feeling Good (prod. by Vezi)
6. Get Down (prod. by MBzet)
7. Baby Zenande (prod. by Nqunqa)
8. Kill You (prod by Blacksemb)
9. 54 Bars (prod. by Mbzet)
10. In A Coffin (prod. by Select Play)
11. Iphimbo ft Amanda (prod. by Urgent)
12. Shambolic voodoo (prod. by Blaqchild)
13. My Words Are Me (prod. Onender)
14. Tribute to King ft LamulaBoy, Sgabarito & Violence ( prod by Mbzet)
15. Umngani Wamanga (prod by Mbzet)
16. Khona Onenkinga (prod. by MasterDee)
17. Imfihlo Yokubhala


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