Lex Lafoy ft NutScrachers – From The Head | Free Download

From The Head is the first single to be released by
Lex LaFoy, in which she is featured with The
Nutscratchers- A production/DJ trio composed of
Sosha, Rowan and Wesley. The single is a trap song, big-bass with a party bounce and electro feel.
Lookout for the EP titled Paperwork to be released  2013 by Lex LaFoy, featuring production by Frank
Marksy, Rehab Tony and others. Published by Renaissance-Rock Recordings (Sony/ATV). From The Head debuted on
Radio on the Yfm Hot 99 Dubstep Chart with DJ
Doowap on the 24th of July, where it peaked at # 2
on Wednesday the 21st of August and stayed on the
chart for a total of 6 weeks. So far the song has also
been playlisted on SirenSound (Online) Radio as well
as VOWfm (Wits of Wits) and continues to be added
to playlists as we speak. Download the joint for free below and leave your comments.

For more info regarding Lex Lafoy or The Nut Scratchers you can contact them on :
Lex LaFoy: 0824984955(Ash-Leigh)
ashleighlafoy@gmail.com OR The Nutscratchers:
0748560441(Sosha); 0796291584 (Raw Kidd)

You can check out the video on youtube by clicking HERE



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