Black Noise Fridays – Monkey Business

BlackNoise Fridays is Back!

Yes, You read that right – BlackNoise Fridays Is Back. For a minute, it was on pause for some proper planning that’ll make sure YOU get satisfied on every show recorded, on this one they speak Monkey business with @KhandaSMB from SMB and find out more about STR CRD . For those who don’t know, BlackNoise fridays is an online radio show hosted by Tokz and Heazy_Saidit promoting local music all day everyday! Every week (on Fridays 12:00 midday) They drop the link for you to download the 30mins show. Catch it first by following them on @Blacknoise_f on twitter. Okay Okay, enough talk from me you can check out the show below – For FREE!


IF you missed last weeks show, have no worries because you can still download it for free below, tell a friend to tell another friend about this.



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