The KwaNdebele HipHop Mixtape Vol.1 | Free Download

Mpumalanga’s jewel has been unsurfaced! Blatantly Mpumalanga is one of the
most slept on provinces in South Africa as far as hip hop is concerned.
KwaNdebele Hip hop Mixtape Vol.1 is here to break that misconception with
an aim to represent Mpumalanga on a national hip hop scale.

The mixtape is a double cd with 33 full tracks and features a wide range of
rappers and emcees across KwaNdebele also a few other artists that are
associated with the group on the basis of networking presented as “guest

Touring and launching of the tape around KwaNdebele has already been
planned for December. Be on the look out because this is first from MANY to come. The aim is to introduce the Mpumalanga Talent to the rest of SA. Check Out The Kwandebele HipHop Facebook to know what’s the next move from the dude’s arranging this whole project. Download The Mixtapes below, for free!


For More Info : C: +27 76 118 0118 |C: +27 73 905 9200 | Email:


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