Morgan Mafu – Black Saturday | Free Download

Black Saturday

If you’ve been acquintated with Summer Is A Bitch, with its vulgarity and disconcerned lyrics, oozing with disgust and masogynistic connotations.Now, this serves as a prelude or prequel of some sort as if the madman has not dissolved in the ashes of Summer Is A Bitch. In this record, Morgan, croons about a lost lover or soon to be lost lover, hence we believe it a prequel to his first release from The Beach EP, a steady body of working balancing in trial of love, life and self-examination. The electronica, production mainly handled by Morgan, himself, is eclectic and bold as 808 and Heartbreak.

The Summer Is A Bitch, crooner, is soon to begin production of his follow-up EP. It brings his following great joy to know that there is still more music to come before the myth is back into the shadows, but without a video.Come On. “Well, in terms of videos or and motion picture development, I haven’t found the resources to actually develop some of the concepts I have in mind, for The Beach EP.” The Black Saturday rapper elaborates and continous to cited some influences of the project, citing artists such as Gil Scott-Heron, Pink Floyd to self-proclaimed God, Kanye West. “So I guess, will have to stick to guerilla tactics, to promoted the project….”. Namely with the likes of his two companies Empire Black and After.Blaze to come up with concepts and creative ideas to pursure the venture.

Recently, on a campaign to promote his follow up single, he posted a photo asking fans which is their favorite?

Feel free to join the debate on either twitter #BlackSaturdayVsSummer or on facebook by adding him, Morgan Mafu and Stand Chance to win a #TheBeachCollection Hamper courtesy of After.Blaze

To Download the Song, CLICK on the Above Image / Song Artwork.


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