Black Moss – The Public Interest Post 94′ Documentary

I know some didn’t get a chance to watch this, I decided to post it up. Just recently I watched this Documentary I was pretty amazed of how the Public Interest Project was constructed in just 4 days. This documentary gives you a behind the scenes look into the recording of Black Moss’s
Debut album titled Public Interest post ’94.

It was shot in Durban during the two weeks Black Moss returned to Durban to record this project. In this Documentary you’ll get a sneak peak of M.O.S.S’s performances, Ciphers, and ofcourse the recording sessions of each song in the album. It features the likes of Hydrochloric, Flowsik, Champ, Siyamatic, Merel and more. You can still download Public Interest Post 94′ by CLICKING HERE

produced by Black Moss. Directed and edited by Akona Matyila for Mullato Films. I’m sure you can learn a thing or two from this fella, check it out.

BlackMoss – Walala – DOWNLOAD HERE

Also check out the Public Interest cipher by Black Moss, Merel and Champ. Sick!


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