Back To The City 2014 | Top 20 Finalists

Its that time of the year again, where you have to vote for your favorite upcoming hiphop artist to bless the stage on the Back To The City Festival, help yearly in JHB, Newtown. From 1000+ of artists/performers that submitted their projects, only 20 were selected, and from that 20 only 8 is needed to make it on the Festival. The Voting Process will begin on Monday (3 March 2014), I’ll sure post that up too. Shout outs to all KZN artists/producers that made it to the top 20. Check the list below.

TOP 20 MCs
1. Mav
2. Assessa
3. BlaQ P
4. Captive Pro
5. Daddy
6. Illest Magik
7. Lacostaration
8. Lush
9. M.US.H.E
10. Maradona
11. One Way
12. Sbuda P
13. Scriptwriter
14. (Shook or shy)
15. Soxmaticz
16. Subsir
17. Vegita
18. Wah-Li
19. Young Cannibal
20. Proph

1. Phiziks
2. Spider The Man
3. Freaky Cee
4. DJ Sablo
5. Fulskillakilla
6. Kapture Beats
7. Spleen Infinity
8. Pakal
9. MBzet Da Beatmaker
10. Gobi
11. One-nder
12. Reggie Beats
13. Select Play 031
14. Sir Sipho Ngobese
15. Slam Tactics
16. Sta-B
17. Towdee Mac
18. Volume
19. Xzodia
20. Vince Black

“This was selected by the team of 6 guys consisting of rappers and producers. Over 1600 songs were submitted. Those who sent us links and other formats instead of mp3, were disqualified.
Rules were clearly stated.” – Rashid K

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