Thoyiz – Where To Start Music Video | Free Download

Sinaye Mdiniso p.k.a THOYIZ is a rapper from Durban and he calls himself the HIP HOP Msawawa, “basically what I try to do is mix the energy of old school Kwaito together with hip hop to give it that true Mzansi feel to it”

THOYIZ has always been a fan of music at a very young age, coming from a family of creative minds, he was bound to find his place in the Arts and Craft side of life. He started writing his own lyrics at the tender age of 14, as an escape from problems he was facing in his life “My grandfather used to give me a hiding for coming home late and my clothes smelling of cannabis, and when I was angry from getting spanked, I used to write lyrics (You can only imagine what I wrote lol) to vent out my anger”. Little did he know that his grandfather’s spanking would somehow groom his love for making music.

“My high school years were filled with smoke, drinks and a whole lot of HIP HOP!”. He was a smart student, but because he was caught up in his own endeavors, for the first time he failed a grade (9). He went on to study at an FET college in Cato Manor (Chesterville) but went back to high school at Phambili High (Rossburgh), ” Throughout all this confusion, moving up and down, all I knew was that I love music, hip hop in general”. He matriculated in 2011 and 2012 found himself as a call centre agent for Cell c in Westville where Zwake used to work as well, in 2013 he was a student at UKZN studying Psychology, but decided to dropout and focus on building his music career instead, “I was sick and tired of people telling me that music is just a hobby, when I felt like it was more then that”.

THOYIZ was recently nominated for Best New Comer at the OMAs (2013) with the likes of DreamTeam and other big acts in Durban, “I was so excited, it was my first time being nominated, the fact that my work was chosen out of the thousands of entries, was just too amazing!” – He says

“My plan is to get my name out there (South Africa and beyond), from the little kids in the township to a model c girl in the suburbs, they must know the name THOYIZ, I’m gonna continue working hard and give people good music to listen to” – He concludes.
All I can say is, Check out this video out and expect a lot to come from this dude this year. Enjoy.



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