Sakhekile ft iFani – Can’t Believe | Free Download

I really can’t believe this shit. Couple of days ago, iFani was hyping this new song by Sakhekile which He is featured on, days later the song drops and got lots of downloads. Is this the song that you’ve been waiting to hear this whole year? Did these guys spit the best verses in the history of hiphop? All I can say is, this will be on my playlist for a very long time. Haha. What do you say? Peep the song after the jump



4Kas Records – Ladies Night (ft Clara T, Static Flow, Payne Killa, Lubar, Ghetto Lyricist, Ash, Lady Killa & Assessa) | Free Download

This is another 4Kas Records presentation. The song is called Ladies Night, features 8 Femcees that I can safely say they’re really leaving a mark in the scene. Its MBZET on production, you already know what to expect from that talented brother. Shout outs to him for putting together such craft, you can download the song below.


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JayB – Young Fly Mjita | Music Video

It’s finally finished, Young, Fly Mjida music video is finally here. The video was shot on location eMlazi, in and around Durban City. Young, Fly Mjida is the lead single off of JayB‘s debut solo project ‘’The 031 Affair Prelude’’.

Special thanks to JC Films (Jabulani Cele) for shooting the footage, Blue Ape Productions (Silo Dimba0 for editing, Cultured Chaos Entertainment, 911 movement and Nomagugu Gumede for being my leading lady in the video.JayB

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Abdus – L.O.L (prod by Brain)| Song Lyrics

Verse 1:

I’m a Green Mamba,mangiSpitha uPoisen
kub’ubsaphasapha//you’re a Green hose
pipe, mabekuvula k’phuma manzi
So, ngidala ukufa wena udala udaka//
whenever I make moves wena uba nolaka//
uBusy uPepezera kumaSocial Networks
ngamaGama’bantuuu kuzek’phelunyaka [ey!]//
abaneme mabezwa imenemene was on tour
cause basuke besalele//thina sibelesele
otheleweni bozwa ngathi ekseni skhiphi nduku
isbhaxu sis’thele//all I do I just spit on these
streets and eat,just making life//all you do is just
Twee-tweet [Facebook]-,wasting
Le-le-lesilo lesilo,bayahlanya labosomahlaya
bazama ukusisabisa//
Le-le-lempilo lempilo sithatha Serious asikho iskhathi sokukhamisa
[Whoa – Yes Sir!]
talking ‘bout me but one day you’ll get
bored//plus ley’ngane ayfuni ukuhlukana nami
ngathi ngiy’donsa nge-umbilical-cord


Those nasty things you say about me makes me
laugh [LOL]
I laugh out loud ‘cause I get it all [LOL]
I’ll go in Hard while smokin’ Lah,Puffin’ the
Kush,rolling your weed,you don’t even push,such
a shame

When you say you getting chicks,I LOL
When you say you killin’ it, I LOL

I’ll go in Hard while smokin’ Lah,Puffin’ the
Kush,rolling your weed [Yes Sir],you don’t even
push,such a shame,dude you lame!

Verse 2 :

Angidlali kanjalo,things are about get Nasty//
ngikudlalele amaFilm,ngik’tshengise
iMATRIX,awubheke your hating just passed me//
niyanglibazisa,mina killin’ this. Taking me down?
You better hope for a better way// your music is
Weak (week),that’s why abantu bawuthanda Only
for 7 days// this industry is a joke,and I’m sitting
here watching a sitcom// i-content yeRap is going
Kwaito,abe-Kwaito wanna dress more Hip Hop//
the truth is Hard to stomach,something might be
wrong with your-SISU// uney’londa emzimbeni
yin’ bra? Ngizwa bethi ukhala ngama-ISSUES
[Ishuu] // you can put me anywhere,ngizo-
Shiner// uthi ukhipha’bantwana then we should
call you Vagina// [lethi-contract ye-MILLION
here],maybe ngzo-signer// [mawungeke ungenzi-
MILLIONAIRE],forget it yasala-sala// ngivele
ngangena didn’t even wipe my feet at the door//
but who would endaweni egcwele
abafazi,azisekho izinswizwa any more//
[makukuthi ukuy’bamba uyahluleka!!],come &
get it // [Ezami umuntu wakho
ziyaKUSHUKELA!!],like they’re DIABETIC


Hha!…2000 and something…[Hha!] Me and Brain
[Daah] still going in [uh yes sir..uh uh]….[Let’s



You can download this song by CLICKING HERE

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Mosankie – Papa Penny | Free Download

Christopher Mosa Meso also known as Mosankie is a Producer/Rapper/Fashion plus Graphic designer representing Cascade Productions. Mosankie recently dropped a mixtape called Black Emotion which he states that it talks about life in general. The tape features LSkillz, Boy Peza, Delite, MasterPlan and B-Bless. This year though he’s planning on dropping yet another mixtape this one titled My Creations, Mosankie already dropped 3 tracks from the mixtape and shot 3 Music Videos which you’re yet to see on your tv set.

Please take your time and check out this song, leave your comments too.


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Teabag – Impressions Of An African City | Free Download

Wandile Ngidi otherwise also known by fans as Teabag is a South African – Durban based Producer/DJ/Rapper. Teabag took his time to collect finest emcees from Durban and put out a sick 10 track compilation mixtape for free downloads. Its called Impressions Of An African City, get the whole tape for free below.



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Robin ThirdFloor – Felebs | Free Download

Born in the city Durban,South Africa Robin Thirdfloor fuses mellow alternative beats with his jovial energetic flows which include the uses of both English and his native tongue isiZulu. In this song he talks about a girl who is a Feleb (Facebook celebrity). Let’s give him an ear and download the song after the jump.

Twitter – @RobinThirdFloor


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