Get 10% Discount When Buying any Butan Wear Gear Now


Greetings Headz!

You can now purchase ANY Butan Wear Gear and get a 10% discount exclusively using the DBNExclusive coupon. From Hats, Shorts, Shirts, Pants, Vests & Sweatshirts, you’ll sure look fresh in one of these.

To buy and get the 10% off is pretty easy and pretty much straight forward. Remember, no matter where you are located in S.A, products will be delivered straight to you (through post office) within 5 – 7 days. AW 15 del.1 - Protea77 snaback

First you have to visit Butan Wear’s online shop. ( ) and pick items you want by “Adding them to the cart” – by simply clicking “Add to Cart”. When you done picking items, at the top right corner of the screen click “View Cart” and then type in “nmdbn01” in the ENTER COUPON box (please note that by adding this coupon, you are activating the 10% off deal, without it, you’ll pay full normal price for each item you want to buy) when done click “Checkout”. You’ll then be taken to a page where you have to fill in your personal details. Straight forward. Please not that you DO NOT require a credit card or any online accounts to buy the Butan Gear on the online shop.


AW 15 del.1 - People Of The SkyBelow you can preview the images of some of the clothes you’ll find in the Butan Wear shop. Be also on a lookout for the coming 2015 Winter Range, should look sick too. Order you items as they are still available!

Please ask questions if you find this hard to grasp. Inbox on Facebook or Twitter. Lets all look fresh this winter and beyond.bkv ca

AW 15 del.1 - Home RunAW 15 del.1 - Protea77

oAW 15 del.1 - Basotho


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