Part Time Cooks – Loser | Music Video


“Loser” is the first visual offering from Seoul super-group Part Time Cook’s upcoming debut LP, The Baker’s Dozen. If this heartfelt track is any indication as to what PTC has been cooking up all winter, we have A LOT to be excited about in terms of new releases this summer. Produced by MJ Nichols, “Loser” is a continuation of the smoothed out  tracks heard on the groups first EP Midnight Snack, but shows great maturation in MC’s Black Moss and Saul Goode’s lyrical content and technique.

Core-A, the media production team responsible for the music video, brilliantly used their own interpretation of the two MC’s intimate lyrics to create a compelling visual narrative to the track. The video and song illustrate the struggle to let go of previous hardships in order to pursue one’s personal passions. Watch the music video below.

Currently recording their new album in South Korea, Part Time Cooks  is comprised of Saul Goode (North Carolina, U.S.A), Black Moss(Durban, South Africa) and Joe Rollins (Indiana, U.S.A.).Both accomplished MCs in their own right, Saul Goode and Black Moss have teamed up with Rollins to create a sonically powerful and unique trio whose tracks exhibit amazing potential, and offer a refreshing take on modern R&B and hiphop.


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