You Saw That Tweet?


Best Outbursts from South African HipHop artists on twitter this week.

Twitter is the place where people tend to be more vocal, funny and ‘honest’ in just 140 Characters. However, some are just on twitter to troll and shit on other people 24 Seven. These are the best if not one of the interesting tweets sent by Local HipHop pioneers this week.

Off the rip, Black Moss drops some hints for the rookies out there

Maggz got me thinking He was listening to “Guluva” by Zakwe featuring Ngane, that’s my favorite song from Impande!

Ntukza is cooking his album due to drop this Year, not sure which season.

While iFani celebrated the milestone He always dreamed about of selling 20 000 copies in one day with his new album, Cassper Nyovest had a dream of filling up 20 000 people on the Coca Cola Dome, one man show.

He ended up Trending on twitter that day. Made me believe in this ‪#‎FillUpTheDome‬ shandis’ Goodluck Cass!

Maggz weighs in on the two New York Battlerap giants Charlie Clips vs Hollow Da Don battle that took place on Smack/URL stage on May 9th 2015 in New York.

Since the day it was announced that iFani has sold 20 000 copies of his latest album I Believes In Me 2nd Quadrant on its first day of release, almost everyone in the HipHop scene has either been happy for the hommie, others though were in disbelief and were left with tons of questions.
On Tuesday Night though (12/05/15), AKA shook the whole twitter up. Nothing new though, if you’ve been following the dude you’ll vouch for that. Through a series of tweets he sent (I picked a few, the hommie really went wild) AKA poured his thoughts out about iFani going Gold in One day.
The first tweet he sent was ..

Then Gang more followed

And then SizweDhlomo ..

AKA continued the show.

Ofcourse iFani had to say something..

Tumi being funny about this whole Gold situation. Haha.

Scoop also had something to say..

Redds trying to clear the air..

Rashid Kay being business minded as always about the situation. Haha.

That’s it for this week. I hope you found this piece interesting. Lookout for next week’s You Saw That Tweet. Also make sure we’re following each other on twitter ( @Iam_Ntukza ) for latest updates made here or hit the subscribe button to receive new posts on your email.

They don’t stop tweeting, they never will.

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