YB The Mentalist – The Golden Plate EP | Free Download


Incase you missed this a couple of months ago, well I went through the YB‘s timeline on your behalf and got the link of it. Here it is, the Golden Plate EP by YB the producer.

“Well we as BeatMakers/Producers we commonly known as behind the scenes people and most of the time we never get enough props for our hard works, so I decided to work on an EP where I worked with different artists with different styles just to show how flexible my craft is of BeatMaking as well as of Producing.The EP is titled ‘The Golden Plate’ for a reason, I believe usually the word Gold/Golden is associated with luxury or something of high standard or high value. Also, looking at history when Kings and Queens were the only ones who wore more gold and served with golden plates and cups etc. So when you hear “Golden Plate” surely you going to expect to be served music of good quality and of high standard and that was my whole perspective of the title “The Golden Plate EP” when I came up with it. 6Tracks + 3 Free Beats.All produced by @YBdaMentalistSA ” – YB


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