BlackNoise Friday – Beef

Hahaha! Shout outbto Tokz Phungula man, In durban we need guys like you! Nice topic fam! Keep it like that!
This is last weeks show, sorry (once again) for posting it this late.. better late than never though. Enjoy! Everyone is talking about this show now, I Like that!!

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The Game – Jesus Pieces ( Album Cover)

I’m just speechless about this. When I first saw it, I didnt know what to say really. Maybe The Game needs to ease up a bit on smoiking weed if it gives him some ridiculous ideas like this one here!!

What Do you say about this cover? Any comments? //// Yes?? .. Lets hear your views!

DBNExcusive Mixtape Cover/Tracklist Revealed

 DBNExclusive Presents | Underground Mass Destruction vol.1
Tracklist ;

1. Non_Static – No Fear
2. Mhlathi ft Flowsik – TV Superstar
3. ProX – Honest
4. ManG ft KillaB and Nandi – Izithombe Ezifiphele
5. Syllable Skillz – Problem
6. Hydrochloric ft YoungCannibal and Flowsik – Hater Dance
7. Kanyi – Ungalibali
8. Topaz – Astrophysics Lyricist
9. Rez Proph – FullClip [Guru Tribute]
10. Champ –iBeef Uyaze Kanjan?
11. Sabotage ft Bucha – Apollo Immortalz
12. Supah Mpondo ft Man G – See Through Rappers
13. Hydrochloric – Paradise [Freestyle]
14. Duane Sin and FuseD ft Awgust Rush – For my city
15. Beast – Leopard Skin
16. Maxhoseni –Nyamezela
17. Judas – Awe
18. Balefoko – The Statement
19. Squadrol – Another One
20. Sbuda P – Ekasi Lam’
          21. Saudi Descendants – Do What You Wanna


Atomic Killa – Rappa Gone DJ

Formally known as Atomic Killa ( 1/2 of the 9Eleven Movement) [AK] dropped this single titled “Rappa Gone Dj” which he is currently shooting the video for it. For those who don’t know, AK won the Battle MC of the year at the OMAz in 2010, Then in 2011 He won the Best HipHop DJ Award [How crazy is that?] The dude is really working hard, trust me. He’s currently working on his EP titled “Jays, Dykes and Black Chucks” which he promises to drop This Summer. Expect the video of this song real soon [Hopefully, You’ll first see it here]
Enough Talking, I’ll let you download the song already..
For more info, follow AK_9Eleven on twitter or search “AK HLEFANA” on facebook.

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"Rebirth Of an Industry" By ThabisoKhati

I have been fortunate enough to be an active participant in the new music economy through various projects and business dealings I have carried out under my business 360 Street (@360Street on Twitter). I will therefore use this platform to share my thoughts and experiences as part of sharing my journey with you in the hopes of empowering you to take charge of your music and utilize the ever-increasing opportunities and ultimately help you monetize your brand.

As a music executive I find myself in daily discussions with artists, artists managers, other music executives, advertising guys and so forth about the future of the music business. I find a lot of the people I chat to on this subject are mostly confused or insecure about the future of the music business, some even go as far as giving their premature autopsies telling me how the music business is on its death bed. So it’s with little wonder that they get startled at my excitement and optimism about the abundance of opportunities in the music business. To see these opportunities I speak of you need to THINK DIFFERENT. You have to look beyond the seemingly tantamount problems and focus on adapting to the new order – THE NEW MUSIC ECONOMY.

We have all heard the phrase ‘ADAPT OR DIE’, It may seem exaggerated, threatening … but for the music industry, these are the only two alternatives. And they have never seemed so real. In today’s world our live are to a large degree dependant on technology, from how we socialize and communicate to how we consume and enjoy music amongst others.
Technology has impacted the music industry and has completely disrupted the traditional value chain. On the one hand, technology has played a major role in the continuous downward spiral of CD sales, the rise of digital piracy (think all the download links people exchange on a daily basis) and the demise of the traditional retailer (Walk into any record store and it immediately becomes clear that things done changed). On the other hand, technology has empowered music creators and emerging labels with a platform to better connect with fans, promote product and open up new revenue opportunities/streams.
Fortunately for you and I, Mike Masnick of Techdirt simplified the new music economy to this formula; Connect with Fans (CwF) + Reason to Buy (RtB) = Money/Success/Fame.
Let’s Go!

  • Learn to apply this formula in your career and I guarantee you, you will have success with your music.
  • The biggest issue in the music industry is not the price but rather the millions of ‘free’ content (the market does not look at this as music piracy but rather free content).
  • It is becoming increasingly hard to develop and expose new talent. Less than 10% of the music released into the market represents 70% of the radio airplay
  • Direct market to your fans. Create a set of marketing initiatives focused primarily on the monetization of the relationship between artist and fan. This business model no longer depends solely on radio air-play or TV broadcast. It depends mainly on YOU as the artist and how you maintain the relationship between YOU and your fans.
  • Find your fans, attract their attention, connect with them, create loyalty, give them reason to buy and you will earn money.

Technology makes it easy to connect with your fans, cultivate and maintain the relationship:

  1. YOU need a website, a website is your online home. If you are an artist and you do not have a website, the YOU have FAILED your CAREER.
  2. Facebook is key. It allows you to know your fans. Knowing your fans is VITAL!
  3. Bandcamp, Soundcloud and ReverbNation are great platforms to get your music out. They are the new MySpace.
  4. YouTube allows you to broadcast yourself to the world.
  5. Email and newsletters are still weapons of mass seduction.
  6. Twitter reaches everybody.

Follow Mike’s formula and the rules I have given above and you will soon be an active participant in THE NEW MUSIC ECONOMY.
Remember sharing is caring, spread this article to as many of your friends as possible.
Till the next one.
Thabiso Khati

Young Prince – Ringtone

Check this 13 year old youngen from Durban  I gottadmit, this dude has talent. Music wise, He’s making his mark, trust me. He shot a video for this joint a while ago. He also recently did a collabo with Psyfo ( from JHB) I just wonder how did that come about. Anyway, check out this fresh joint out. Lomjita uyahlanganisa. I Respect that.

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Khuli Chana Youtube Account Hacked

It was with great sadness and disappointment that Khuli Chana and his management company, Dreamteam SA, discovered this morning that Khuli Chana’s YouTube account had been hacked into sometime within the past twelve hours, removing Khuli Chana’s latest hit music video, HazzadazMove.
The HazzadazMove music video recently debuted on Channel O, and has been on Khuli Chana’s YouTube account for a mere ten days sporting over fifteen thousand (15 000) hits. These stats position the HazzadazMove music video as one of the fastest viewed hip hop videos by a local artist in the history of South Africa.
This recent hacking comes at a time when the video is receiving huge critical and fan acclaim with the video being touted as a game changer. HazzadazMove track is also proving to be a smash hit, appearing on charts across the country. The HazzadazMove music video debuted at the number one spot this past Friday on Club 808’s video chart. HazzadazMove also debuted at the #2 spot on uKhozi FM (Africa’s largest station in terms of listenership), is at #6 spot on Kovsie FM, #10 on Voice of Wits, and is also climbing the charts on YFM’s Urban Top 40 just to mention a few.
The HazzadazMove music video is shot by the legendary Bomb Shelter productions with Kutlwano Ditsele as producer and Zeno Peterson on camera. The video has been co-directed by the legendary Teboho Mahlatsi (of Yizo Yizo fame) and Thabang Moleya (Jozi H, Jacob’s Cross).
The HazzadazMove music video has just been reloaded onto Khuli Chana’s YouTube account. You can watch it  [HERE]

Join Khuli Chana’s fight against the hackers to reaching his targeted goal of 45k YouTube hits in the next 20 days by using the following Twitter hashtag: #45k20days

N’veigh – Big Boy Game

Cap City, Rap City where you at???
This is personally for the dude’s who thought N’veigh fell off. This is, for nigga’s who be thinking they tough in the streets.

Feast on this hot song, crazy beat and Punchlines. N’veigh totally MURKED it.

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Master D ft Young Cannibal – ReUP

DO I need to futhermore introduce these guys to you? I’ve featured Young Cannibal on the blog for several times, i thnk by now you’re aware of his hustle. Dope song, Dope Beat, Dope Dilivery.. pssst, You know what? dowmload the song, and tell me if im bragging.

#DMCANN … Remember that!

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