DBNExclusive Presents|The Underground Mass Destruction vol.1

How’s Everybody?

Check it Out, I’ve Been thinking about this. Since I’m busy Pushing Underground cats thru this Blogging ish, Plus, The Blog is Only Few Months Old But Already sitting on 30 000 Page Views (Which is something to be Proud of) I Decided to Construct/Compile a Free mixtape which will be given to people Digitally, Only.

I don’t want to make any Money out of this thing, Ang’fune Mali, I just wanna introduce the talent to the People. So, What I need for now is, Designers who are willing to showcase their talent of Designing a Mixtape Cover (Front and Back) and Also, If You Want Your Song to be Included on the tape – E-mail me it (My Email is ntuthuko123@gmail.com ). Tracks will be Listened and the Best will be Chosen.

Please, Do Not Send me Links. Send the Song as it is, I’ll listen to it and Give you a Feedback.

I’ll judge by the number of Downloads of this tape (And also number of songs received) if I must do the Mixtape thing monthly or not.

The Tape Will be Called ” DBNExclusive Presents| The Underground Mass Destruction vol.1


Champ – iBeef Uyaze Kanjan’?

Yo! Fresh Out the Box. Champ (Ya Mchanam’!) Drops another Hot Joint Yet Again. Its Called “I Beef Uyaze Kanjan'”.

I really Respect Champ, He’s been around for a long minute Now, Never Disappoints.
Wena I Beef Uyaze Kanjani? Mina Ngayazi ngo Tupac and Christopher Walice.

This song just Reminded me of the Joint Notorious B.I.G did back In the days titled “What’s Beef” where he Elaborated what’s really is Beef.. Big Up to Champ, Love This Joint!

I Didn’t Even Know that Abdus and BlackMoss once Beefed, Champ mentioned it.
Download this joint, You know I never upload Wack Joints, Trust me!

Please [CLICK HERE] to download this joint

The Sprite Uncontainable Hip Hop Challenge | The Winners Are…

In April of 2012, Sprite went on a three month search for undiscovered, talented and uncontainable hip-hop artists across all major cities in the country. The competition was divided into the three elements of hip-hop: B-boyz (dance), MC’s and Graffiti artists, with the sickest, dopest, and illest finalists in each category having a chance to fly to the Big Apple for a Hip-Hop talent mentorship under the legendary hip-hop icon, Talib Kweli.

When the 1st of September came, six artists, two in each category, who were chosen, led the roads to Newtown, Johannesburg. This was to be the place and timewhen all six hopefuls were to battle it out for a dream trip to NYC. The artists were to be judged by Reason (MC), Simba (Dance), Falco (Graffiti) and the Brooklyn born Talib Kweli. The show finale was hosted by the MTV Base VJ, Sizwe Dlhomo, and supported by performances of local talented hip-hopacts of Tumi (from The Volume), Ben Sharpa, Prokid, and Dj X, with extra appearances by Zeus, Red Button, and Reason. The show was thoroughly closed by a breath taking performance of the legend himself, Mr Talib Kweli.


The two hopefuls in the MC category were the former Cashtime Fam member and Jo’burg resident, AbyFab and Durban’s sensation, Hydrochloric.The two artists where given three rounds each to impress the judges. On the first round, each artist was given an opportunity to perform his own song. AbyFab’s energy and stage dominance gained him a better response from the crowd,while Hydrochloric didn’t get the response he had hoped for.

The second round was a freestyle show, where each rapper had to throw 8 bars on a selected instrument. Although AbyFab held his own, it was Hydrochloric’s skills of an MC that came through for him as he got a better response from the crowd this time around. This looked to be a change in the balance between the two aspirants.

The best show was the last round, the ‘lyrical battle’,where one rapper was to throw 4 bars and the other rapper continue from there. Things got out of control when Hydrochloric took shots with lines like “I don’t know what Cashtime has with AB’s”, dissing AbyFab’s departure from Cashtime Fam. This got the attention of the crowd and everyone went wild because of it. AbyFab started choking and lacked the proper counter bars, and that seemed to fire up the crowd even more. Reason had to cut the battle in between as it got too personal claiming that“it is supposed to be lyrical battle and not get personal”. He also claimed that it is unfair as “Hydrochloric knows more about AbyFab than AbyFab know about Hydrochloric”

The crowd meanwhile supported the battle in getting personal, even though Reason seemed largely against the idea. The intervention seemed fruitless as the crowd, supported by Sizwe Dlhomo, got what they wanted and with such Hydrochloric brutally dismantled and corroded AbyFab with ease. The latter started chocking more and lacked comebackpunchlines, it was like pouring hydrochloric acid on a metal piece as AbyFab fell off in the battle. This, according to Reason, bared too much influence on the outcome of the decision in naming Hydrochloric the Uncontainable MC.


Dancing their way to NYC was the youngest b-boy to enter the competition, the 17 year old Costa from Nelspruit, and the only female artist at the finals, in all categories, Sham Rock from Cape Town. Like the MC category, this section was divided into three rounds. On the first round, each dancer produced a song and had to dance to it while on the second round a song was chosen by the judges and both dancers had to move to the same beat. On the third and last round, Sham Rock had to dance to Costa’s song and Costa also had dance to Sham Rock’s song. During these rounds, Sham Rock appeared to be more of a versatile dancer than her counterpart. At the end, Simba and his colleagues adjudged Sham Rock as the eventual winner of the most Uncontainable Dancer.


Battling it for the Graffiti Artists category was the Durban duo of Stops-Dane and Dokter. Having given five hours to paint their pieces, the uncontainable graffiti artist adjudged to be Stops-Dane

Draztik ft PDoto – Rims is Spinnin’

The track we all have been waiting for is finally here, Rims is Spinnin featuring PdotO. I can already tell you that the wait was worthwhile, but again it came as no surprise to me considering the fact that PdotO and Draztik have been very consistent, pretty much on top of their game. Get the download link below and enjoy

Please [CLICK HERE] to Download this Joint

ProX – Honest

Being the Music Collector that I Am, I Bumped into this song. I don’t know much Information about the dude, or the song background even but I Managed to Notice the talent of Writing this Dude Has! Spaza Hiphop is really out there. With this, I’m Inviting more artists who rap in Xhosa, There’s more slot for you on the Blog.

Download this Joint and listen to Raw talent of Eastern Cape. Shout out to EC and CPT!
Thank YOU!

Please [CLICK HERE] to download this Joint

Thanks for Voting HYDROCHLORIC!


EYo! Durban Has Done it… Again.
First of All, I’d like to thank YOU ALL that voted for HydroChloric to be the Rapper that WILL represent South Africa in the States thru the Sprite Search Competition with Talib Kweli. He Won!
HCL (HydroChloric) was up Against the likes of Aby Fab.

For all the Haters out there man, Thanks! We Wouldn’t be motivated to do this if Beningekho! You are important to us.

For More information regarding this Post, Follow @iamHydrochloric or @iam_Ntukza on Twitter.. Not Neglecting my Facebook people, Do Hit me up too! Word!

Durban, Where You at?!

Abdus – The Library : Album Review

Finally Got my Copy! It Was About time I did so. Abdus’s Debut Album “The Library”.
To be Honest With You, I thought Abdus Was Under a lot of Pressure when he Did this Album, Fixtape (His mixtape – Which IS a masterpiece from him) was DOPE and it Really Did Sounded like an Album, I just Assumed that maybe The Library won’t reach that Level… But I was Wrong!

From Intro to Outro, I’m Enjoying this Work. His Beats selection is Dope! Wonder (1nder) is a BEAST, Trust me on that one!
My Fav. Song on the Cd is definitely “Middle Finger to all my Haters” which will Provoke and make His Haters Envy him and His Success. Also, Not forgetting a Track Titled “Let’s Go” , That’s a BANGER right there, 1Nder smoked something when he made that Beat, “Pavavoure” also gets all my attention when it plays, 1nder on the beat again, Its a major song! Other Songs Are dope too, But those 2 I can’t Skip em’ without a Repeat.

If I was a Official CD Reviewer in S.A (LOL) I’d Absolutely give it 9/10 Overall. Go Buy the Album, And tell me if I’m just Exaggerating.

“Let’s Go!”