Cassper Nyovest ft Talib Kweli – Doc Shebeleza Remix | Song Lyrics

[Verse 1: Talib Kweli]

When I come through your town
Who’s gonna clown
Proof from the sound and the boots on the
You shooting from the moon I’m bringing
Jupiter down
You always blow smoke like a hoop go ‘round
Slow poke while running at a fast pace
That’s why you standing there last place
I’m harder than a nipple when it lactates
You never reach 3rd base that’s why we always
giving you the catch face
See I’m made here, TIA, got African blood,
It’s in my DNA
These rappers acting like a lead in a play
Never know who they gonna be today
I pray to God…. No, not the paper
In my Chevrolet I’m bumping Doc Doc Shebeleza
Vacation in Turks and Caicos
Stay sharp with the church of the play close
Party rockin about a whole damn party shot
Like a body shop, better get laid though
Whaddup Durban
Whaddup Cape Town
Man, I love SA bro
Johannesburg holding me down
Newtown, Pimville and Soweto
Stay faithful live by the code
Or catch a face full of fists to the nose
All alone like a dog when he burying a bone
Cry to your mom better hurry on home
Bitch nigga I do this
This music for the movement
Helping you to cut through the confusion
Cassper said hop on the remix
It’s nothing show me where the booth is


Doc Doc Shebeleza
In my 325 like I’m Doc Doc Shebeleza

[Verse 2: Cassper Nyovest]

Man, can you believe it?
I drop a track on some free shit turn rappers
Shout out to C-Sick
I heard these haters are preaching
Tell ‘em to suck on my penis
Should I repeat it?
Tell ‘em to suck on my penis
I got a hit every season
I will remain undefeated
Shout out to Tata Madiba
I’m ouchea abusing the freedom
High as the ceiling
Why should I mention the features?
It’s already clear that I already beat ‘em
Back to Refiloe
They’re singing my songs in Zimbabwe
I’m Reppin’ the nordie, Mafikeng
Ga ke le sile
200k every weekend
I cannot explain the feeling
Me and Talib on the remix
Me and Talib on the remix
Man, I got some demons
I am addicted to females
I fuck ‘em for no fucking reason
I say it fucking believe it
Berries Vanillas and Peaches
Berries Vanillas and Peaches
Still trying to give Boitumelo a baby and no one
can stop me
My album is about to go Gold
I heard you sold 200 copies
Maaaaan, this is what they be hating
Mama Yvonne Chaka Chaka said this her
favourite song
Start dogging everyday mara swaak swaak
I wake up everyday feeling like Doc Doc


Still Winning (x8)

[Outro: Cassper Nyovest]

If you feel like hake o nxanywe Gana ka wena
Jozi ele busy ntsi ntsi ntsi Spana ka wena
Remember when we started Kgale bare bare
bana ba tsenwa
Now I’m having silly WhatsApp conversations
with girls like Babalwa Mneno (uhuuu)

Cassper x Talib Kweli – Doc Shebeleza Remix


Abdus – L.O.L (prod by Brain)| Song Lyrics

Verse 1:

I’m a Green Mamba,mangiSpitha uPoisen
kub’ubsaphasapha//you’re a Green hose
pipe, mabekuvula k’phuma manzi
So, ngidala ukufa wena udala udaka//
whenever I make moves wena uba nolaka//
uBusy uPepezera kumaSocial Networks
ngamaGama’bantuuu kuzek’phelunyaka [ey!]//
abaneme mabezwa imenemene was on tour
cause basuke besalele//thina sibelesele
otheleweni bozwa ngathi ekseni skhiphi nduku
isbhaxu sis’thele//all I do I just spit on these
streets and eat,just making life//all you do is just
Twee-tweet [Facebook]-,wasting
Le-le-lesilo lesilo,bayahlanya labosomahlaya
bazama ukusisabisa//
Le-le-lempilo lempilo sithatha Serious asikho iskhathi sokukhamisa
[Whoa – Yes Sir!]
talking ‘bout me but one day you’ll get
bored//plus ley’ngane ayfuni ukuhlukana nami
ngathi ngiy’donsa nge-umbilical-cord


Those nasty things you say about me makes me
laugh [LOL]
I laugh out loud ‘cause I get it all [LOL]
I’ll go in Hard while smokin’ Lah,Puffin’ the
Kush,rolling your weed,you don’t even push,such
a shame

When you say you getting chicks,I LOL
When you say you killin’ it, I LOL

I’ll go in Hard while smokin’ Lah,Puffin’ the
Kush,rolling your weed [Yes Sir],you don’t even
push,such a shame,dude you lame!

Verse 2 :

Angidlali kanjalo,things are about get Nasty//
ngikudlalele amaFilm,ngik’tshengise
iMATRIX,awubheke your hating just passed me//
niyanglibazisa,mina killin’ this. Taking me down?
You better hope for a better way// your music is
Weak (week),that’s why abantu bawuthanda Only
for 7 days// this industry is a joke,and I’m sitting
here watching a sitcom// i-content yeRap is going
Kwaito,abe-Kwaito wanna dress more Hip Hop//
the truth is Hard to stomach,something might be
wrong with your-SISU// uney’londa emzimbeni
yin’ bra? Ngizwa bethi ukhala ngama-ISSUES
[Ishuu] // you can put me anywhere,ngizo-
Shiner// uthi ukhipha’bantwana then we should
call you Vagina// [lethi-contract ye-MILLION
here],maybe ngzo-signer// [mawungeke ungenzi-
MILLIONAIRE],forget it yasala-sala// ngivele
ngangena didn’t even wipe my feet at the door//
but who would endaweni egcwele
abafazi,azisekho izinswizwa any more//
[makukuthi ukuy’bamba uyahluleka!!],come &
get it // [Ezami umuntu wakho
ziyaKUSHUKELA!!],like they’re DIABETIC


Hha!…2000 and something…[Hha!] Me and Brain
[Daah] still going in [uh yes sir..uh uh]….[Let’s



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